Confidence: How to Perform at the Highest Level

During my career as a professional athlete, I have had to perform on all kinds of stages.

Whether you need to perform in front of 70 or 70,000 people, these four strategies will help you build your confidence like a pro.

Confidence is not found, it is created.

We have all felt those nervous butterflies in our stomach before, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

Well, there is no need to worry since that anxious feeling you get right before the moment of truth is simply a sign that you care deeply about what you are doing.

And even if you don’t care much for what you are doing, the thought of the potential outcomes based on your performance always hold weight.

You may not feel overly confident right now, but with a positive perspective and enough hard work, you can learn how to will yourself to success at a very high level.

During my career as a professional athlete, I have had to perform on all kinds of stages. I have played in championship games when any second could be the one that decides the fate of an entire season. On the other hand, I have also delivered presentations as a brand ambassador to a room full of business owners and professionals. Believe it or not, these situations can be equally nerve-wracking.

Over time I have learned that the size of the audience doesn’t make much of a difference. The tactics that I am about to teach you can apply in any situation. Whether you need to perform in front of 70 or 70 000 people, these four strategies will help you build up supreme confidence.

4 Strategies to Build Confidence

Understand Your Body
You are the pilot of a very sophisticated vehicle, but you don’t really know how to drive it yet.

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The Formula for Success

The ABCs of Dream Chasing

The ABC’s

Ambition. Belief. Consistency.  Three ingredients that you can never get enough of.

(Ontario Varsity Football League HOF induction ceremony in Guelph, Spring 2016. Left to right – ME, Austin Huh, Jerome Messam)

From time to time I find myself in the midst of greatness. Over the course of my career I’ve had the privilege of meeting some amazing people. Athletes, executives, entrepreneurs,  parents – the list of people who have made their living while beating the odds is endless. Fascinated by their stories I always ask myself what they all have in common.

In the end, it’s simple. The difference between those who Do and those who Try comes down to three core principles. Ambition, Belief, Consistency. In almost every situation I found that the most successful people were passionate about their goals, made detailed plans and stuck to them.

The ABC’s

Ambition comes from a very personal place inside you.  Ambition is deeper than a craving or a passing thought. Ambition is like hunger. Ambition comes from purpose. When your goals are attached to a worthy cause you will be able to channel new energy to get over any obstacles that may threaten your mission. That energy is called motivation. Only you know what means the world to you. Find something you are passionate about and use that as motivation to propel you towards your goals. When obstacles appear, remember the reason you started and keep your eyes on your ambitions.

“Chase your dream or stay asleep.” – 22

Belief is a strong word.  We usually look for proof of something before we can truly believe it. When it comes to believing in yourself, the proof is in the plan. Not every situation can be planned for ahead of time, but a good strategy goes a long way in avoiding unnecessary trouble.  Set yourself up for success. Find mentors who have experiences to share with you.  Keep yourself accountable by writing things down and setting deadlines.  Your vision will only become clearer as you begin to execute your plan. Monitor your progress and always take the time to plan your next steps.

“Confidence is a product of preparation. Be Confident.” – 22

Consistency is the key. They say that nothing works unless you do. Everyone on earth is given the same 24 hours each day, but it’s what we do with our time that separates us.  Consistency means waking up with the same mindset everyday, looking for that next step towards progress. Think of each day as a deposit in the bank and when you reach your goal you get to make one big withdrawal! Not very many people have the discipline to stay dedicated to their plans. Let your commitment separate you from the pack.  Speed is overrated. It doesn’t matter how fast you work, but rather that you just keep working. Fast or slow, you will always be making more progress than someone who quit.

“Just keep making deposits…” – 22

When it comes to getting the things you want in life just keep it simple. Decide what you want. Make a plan. Work towards it day by day, decision by decision. If you can stay committed, you can make it happen.

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