Behind The Come Up: A Beginners Guide to Podcasting (Video)

Take a look behind the scenes and see how we produce our podcast every week.

About a year ago, I barely knew what a podcast was.

Now, I host a weekly personal development show call The Come Up Podcast with my partner, Jimmy.

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This week, we released our 10th episode of TCU!

In honour of this milestone, we decided to take you behind the scenes and show you how we put it all together each week.

Take a look…


Resources from this video

Laptop: MacBook Pro
Mic: Audio-Technica ATR 2100
Headphones: Sony MDR-7506
Recording Software: Garage Band (Comes with the MacBook)
File Sharing:
Production Software: Logic Pro X

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The Come Up Podcast (Episode 1)

It’s Here! Listen to my new Podcast “The Come Up: Steps to Success”

With the tools that are available on the internet these days, it has never been easier to share your story.

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This year, I’m setting out to explore the world of podcasting with my man Jimmy Lawson. Together, we are launching a mini-series called “The Come Up: Steps to Success” on SoundCloudiTunes, and Google Play.

After listening to a bunch of podcasts myself, I realized that the best episodes provide useful information and helpful advice, not just small talk. So, on The Come Up, we are going to share valuable tips that you can use on your road to success.

The Come Up Podcast is all about personal development and becoming a better athlete, student, parent or professional.

Listen to our first episode on SoundCloudiTunes or Google Play right now.

This is my first time ever doing anything like this, so I’d really appreciate it if you gave me some feedback. Leave a comment on iTunes or Google Play.

For more information about The Come Up visit the Podcast Website.

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