TCU Talks: Steve McCollum

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Entrepreneur: Steve McCollum

Brand: TFT Fitness


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Johnny Sears Jr. Interview – Giving Back

The Streets of Hamilton were a little warmer this winter thanks to Johnny Sears Jr.

A Channel 22 Exclusive Interview

I’m all about positivity. I created this site to tell my story and share my experiences with family, friends, and fans.

I want to use this platform to promote the positive initiatives that my teammates and friends support in the community. Channel 22 gives me a chance to do just that.

These are the stories of local heroes making plays outside of the lines.

I’ve always admired journalistic mastery. That being said, I’m a little new to this whole thing, so bare with me. Take it for what it is, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the message. It took a while, but I’ve finally gotten the time (and resources) to put a little something together, so without further ado – Episode 1 of my blog mini-series/podcast Channel 22. Enjoy.

Check out my 1 on 1 with pro football player Johnny Sear here…

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Recap – The Streets of Hamilton were a little warmer this winter thanks to Johnny Sears Jr.

A few weeks before Christmas 2016, seven-year pro Johnny Sears Jr. had an idea that made a lot of sense. He thought it would be cool to give away all of the socks and shoes that he had laying around his house since he no longer had any use for them.

So, he went to the grocery store, got a big cardboard box and made a sign that he could tape onto the front of the box.

Johnny put the first box at the main entrance of Tim Hortin’s Field, in Hamilton – Home of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats CFL football team. Slowly the word spread. First came the socks. Then came the shoes and boots. Then came the emails.

Soon there were two boxes, then three… Eventually, the initiative was collecting donations at over 10 locations all across the city and the surrounding area.

People couldn’t help but agree – This was a great idea.


To hear more about the amazing story of Johnny’s project…

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Connect with Johnny on social media

Facebook: Johny Sears Jr.

IG: @Go4ThaGusto

Twitter: @jjr0


To all of the sponsors and volunteers who helped to make this event a success, Thank You!


Make It Entertainment

Taylor Moving


Joelle’s & Jeff’s Guy Shop

Auger Properties

Barry’s Jewellers

First Ontario Credit Union (Stony Creek)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

Overtime Football Club

The Reid Family

The Keary Family

Larry Irish

Arlene Frehs

Staff at Heritage Place Retirement Home

Juanita Stephen

J.R. Ahk

Mr. Ken

St Matthew  (School)

St Thomas the Apostle  (School)

Immaculate Conception (School)

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